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Turkish Egg Noodle (Eriste)

The actual making of eriste...


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  • Kuru Fasulye! How to make White beans with meat

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    White beans with meat sounds delicious, but how to make it?  Kuru fasulye recipe (white beans ) is very simple work for you. When it is combined with ...

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  • Adana Kebab

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    Kebabs of all kinds are common in Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines. This kebab named after the city where this famous kebab came from Adana.

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  • Uzbek Pilaf ( Özbek Pilavı)

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    Uzbek Pilaf recipe is popular far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan. You can make this dish with chicken, lamb or beef. It is easy to find ingredients.

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  • Apple Cookie Rolls (Elmali Kurabiye)

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    Apple Cookie Roll is a delicious homemade recipe, a buttery soft cookie dough stuffed with the sweet cinnamon apple filling. It is very easy to do. You can ...

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Purslane Salad With Tomato and Cucumber

Purslane is tasty, healthy, easy and also economical for the housewife to put on the table every day. Purslane Salad... more

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